‘A day when the surf is unfavourable and one must sit, wait and relax until conditions change’




Our 100% arabica beans are sourced from Papua New Guinea. By working closely with our suppliers, we can guarantee that all our coffee is ethically produced and farmers are paid at or above fair trade prices. Our coffee is also a cup score of 80+ (specialty coffee). 


Roasted in New Zealand, our coffee is roasted with instant coffee in mind. Strong but without the bitter after-taste, our coffee is roasted to make sure flavour notes are maintained. We provide two roasts (dark and light) to ensure that there is a Lay Day tin for everyone. 


Our instant coffee is carefully extracted to ensure that coffee volatiles (flavour) are maintained as much as possible when the freeze-drying process occurs. Unlike many commercial instant coffee companies, our coffee is not extracted to maximise yields. It is extracted to maximise flavour. Therefore our coffee is low in bitterness and tastes a hell of a lot better than instant coffee you may be used to.


Our tins are 100% recyclable. Our labels are made from 30% post-consumer waste and are also recyclable.


Being two Melbourne-born brothers, we’re extremely passionate about a few things in life. Good surf, good food, The Office (UK…obviously) and coffee. Our love of the latter led us to Lay Day – a mission to revive instant coffee, ethically, refreshingly and simply. 

After constantly waiting for our morning percolator to brew it’s bitter goodness, we saw an opportunity to do something new. Or, more accurately, we took something old and made it new again. To show the world instant coffees still got it – but ‘it’, this time round, is more than affordability and convenience; it’s premium quality and ethically sourced. 

So, here we are, reinventing a legend for modern times, reviving a workhorse of the workforce, bringing instant coffee back…with a conscience.